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  1. Two Stories about Mercy

    GraffitiThe other evening a woman gets off of the MAX at 162nd and walks the street to her work. A gang corners her and demands his money. She didn’t have any, so they beat her up and left her on the street, rifled through her purse, found out she wasn’t lying and left her there, bleeding.

    A Baptist pastor whose church was down the street drove by, but he had a board meeting to go to, so he couldn’t stop. A staff person for an important local homeless ministry happened to be going by, saw the woman, wanted to stop, but he had an important donor to meet, so he kept going. 

    A Muslim man, dressed in a white cap was just walking by after prayer, saw the woman and immediately called 911, check her pulse, took off his cap and pressed it to the wound, speaking kind words to the woman until the ambulance arrived.

    So which of the three displayed the mercy of God?

    * * *

    WarThe unworthy nations of this world will be subjected to the king of mercy and power. At that point, every person in the world will be taken before the king, and they will be divided from one another: one side to his right and another to his left.

    The king will look to his right and tell them, “I welcome you into my kingdom, for you are the kind of people I want to live with, that I want to fill the world with. For I was oppressed and downbeaten and starving and hopeless and avoided and you went out of your way to help me, to support me and to encourage me. Please, let me live with you forever.”

    And those on his right will say, “When did we do this? Many of us aren’t Christians and others didn’t go to the right churches?” His reply: “This day is based not on who you say you are, but on what you did. You had compassion on my family, and so you had mercy on me. Please, come in and receive the world.”

    The king will then turn to those on his left and say, “I cannot have you in my kingdom. You shall spend the rest of your days miserable because you will be living with people just like you. For I was homeless and oppressed and starving and suffering with my children and you laughed at me. You told your spouse that I wasn’t worthy of being helped. You were rude to me in my suffering. You ignored me when I was at my wits end. You politely told me that you couldn’t help me when the reality is you wouldn’t help me. You are the people I would never have in my world, because you tear the hurting down instead of building them up. I exile you.”

    And they will reply, “But Lord, we worshiped you in our churches. We built you great buildings in your honor. We created communities in your name. We preached to thousands. We led Bible studies and prayer meetings. We got rid of those who were unholy from your people. We made the world safer through our military and police force. We loved, but in our own way. Isn’t that enough?”

    He said, “Since you did not love the vulnerable, but harmed them, you are not the citizens I can have in my kingdom. See if you can live with each other. You are exiled.”

  2. Prayer for a New Year

    may this year be full of 
    chaos and scandals 
    that will bring benefit to 
    the poor and outcast. 
    May we live in interesting times 
    that bring mercy and justice 
    to those who need it most. 
    In Jesus’ name, 

  3. What We Did Last Year

    Toby BBQIn 2014, Anawim ministered in 5 locations.

    We supported 5 people permanently off the street.

    We offered 150 culturally appropriate worship services.

    IMG_20140326_172531 We gave 4000 nights of covered shelter.

     We provided 6000 showers.

     We received 3700 volunteer hours from the homeless.

     We washed about 6000 pounds of clothes for the homeless.

    Pat and Friend We gave 4350 hours of paid labor for the homeless.

    We provided 20,800 meals to the hungry.

    Pasta salad We gave away about 20,000 pounds of clothes to needy homeless and families.

     And we picked up and delivered 114,000 pounds of food to needy people

    We did this because of your support.  Because of the prayers offered for us. Because of the thousands of dollars donated.    Because of the encouraging words.  Because of the tens of thousands of clothes and the hundred thousand pounds of food provided.

    Anawim isn’t about a small group of people doing work.  It is about a large group of people with resources being partners with the homeless and poor so we can all work to make a community healthy and loving and spirit-led.

    Thanks to you for your support.

    Thanks to the homeless for their willingness to serve.
    And hope.

    We hope that in 2015, we might be able to provide greater, better support for the homeless with your help.   Stay tuned.

  4. A New Spirit

    Isaiah 55At the very tippy top of Northeast Glisan Street there is a shopping mall and in
    the northeast corner of the mall is a large store front with the title River of Life
    Church. Behind that there is a large empty parking lot that you can see all the
    way into the state of Washington. It is an excellent place for meditating because
    no one goes there except in the wee hours of the morning when the delivery
    trucks for Safeway or the Dollar store show up. But for the most part it is a
    windswept deserted parking lot with a set of stairs leading down into a
    apartment complex.

    Yesterday around 2:45 pm somewhere down the stairs came a woman’s voice.
    She was angry and frustrated with whomever it was she was speaking to and
    was apologizing on one side but making it quite clear she wanted nothing more
    to to do with this individual telling them to leave her alone and go away. The
    conversation was growing louder and then spilled out into the parking lot and
    by this time her frustrations had elevated into a scream.
    To the naked eye there was no one there. She was screaming into the wind. But
    the look on her face told me there was someone there; I just could not see
    them. It is often the case that spirits will only manifest themselves to the one
    they are tormenting and thereby make the person appear mentally unstable. So
    I got out of the truck and went to help her if I could.

    “Hi”, I said “My name is Jeff. So tell me Dearheart, what are we dealing with
    here?” She just stood there for a moment or two and then in a matter of fact
    voice said, “It is a Nephilim, a spirit that I once channeled. You see about two
    weeks ago I had this really bad experience in the spirit realm and Elam (the
    name of the spirit she was channeling and the one whom she is dealing with
    now) tried to get me to kill myself by cutting my wrist and the doctors injected
    me with a psychotropic drug and Elam tried to smother me in the ER. But there
    was this guy there who was praying for someone and I heard him say call out to
    Jesus and he will save you. So I did and Jesus showed up and and and healed
    me and made Elam go away. Now he is back and he won’t leave me alone.”

    “Did you ask Jesus to become your Lord and Savior?” I asked. “No.” “That is
    why Elam is back”, I said. “You see, he knows once you have committed your
    life to Christ he will no longer have any control over you. So want to pray?”
    “Yes!” she gasped, and so Penny prayed and then I laid hands on her and asked
    for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and then I took authority over Elam and
    bound him and commanded him to leave Penny alone and to leave.

    Penny looked up smiling and crying and said “He’s gone, and I feel so clean
    and new.” I went to the truck and behind the seat I had one New Testament with
    psalms and Proverbs in the New King James from our friends the Gideons and
    gave it to her and said “This is the instruction manual on how to live like a
    Christian. The first book is Matthew, pay close attention to chapters 5, 6 and 7.”
    I then asked her if she had any toys concerning witchcraft and she said she had
    several books and a board and I said “You must destroy them.” and she
    promised she would…then I got a big hug and a thank you for not thinking she
    was crazy.So now all you saints you can pray for Penny; she lives in a foster
    home and she is 16 years old and she is a new daughter in Christ and for me a
    great Christmas present…...


  5. Onward and Upward

    Last night I had a dream and this is the way of it:
    Montana dorito thief

    I was in the garden of the Church amending the soil when a sparrow landed to the right of me and a voice said to get on to the back of the sparrow, and as I stepped towards the sparrow I shrank until I fit perfectly on its back and it launched itself sky ward. The sparrow flew higher and higher and when it had reached its limit , a Raven appeared and I was dumped onto the back of the raven who in turn flew as high as he could go.  I was then deposited onto the back of a hawk who sped upwards at a frightening speed and then with a quick barrel roll deposited me onto the back of a huge eagle. Now I must say that with each new bird I increased in size. Finally the eagle had reached his limit and he brought me to a ladder where a voice commanded me to leap on and then climb and I did. Once I was on the ladder I looked down and the ladder disappeared into a thick mist below me and I could never see more than 5 or 6 rungs upwards and the ladder was frightfully steep. So I climbed and climbed and climbed some more until I was very tired and yet there was no place to step off the ladder for a rest. So I gave voice to my need for a proper rest and a voice said climb and so I continued to climb until I could go no further. I could hardly hold on to the rungs.

    So I said out loud if this is to be the way of my death so be it for I am spent, and the voice said let go.So I did. I awoke lying on a bed of colorful leaves which were soft and pliant to the touch. The bed was on a floor of living wood for I lay in the bed looking upwards into the canopy of a enormous tree. About 10 feet away was this branch in the shape of a table and upon it were two pitchers. The one on the left had a note written in a very elegant cursive hand which said this is for washing and the other had a note from the same hand which said this is your breakfast. So I had sort of a spit bath and there was this towel that was so soft and then there was a brown robe and sandals. These I donned and then poured from the other pitcher a draught into a large wooden mug.There is nothing I know of to compare the taste but the draught filled and nourished like a heavy meal of sausage and eggs and potatoes and coffee. When I had finished a man appeared and he led me back to the ladder and said when you step on hold tight. So I did as I was instructed.
    Picture the speed of a roller coaster going down hill, now picture you are clinging to a ladder that is extending into the sky at the same speed. It stopped so fast that I was catapulted off the ladder and onto some ,thankfully, soft turf. The man that I had met at the beginning of the ladder ride was there to help me up and brush me off. Then he said come and we walked.His voice bothered me because it was not talking like we do it it was more musical, like a song. Also there is this, the country side and all that dwelt there were more than just living they were sentient and they had a common tongue and it was a song and each beings purpose was to share their part of the song.
    We continued to walk until we came to this Castle which was surrounded by a huge moat and on the far side of the moat the Rampart was steep and moss grew and cascaded down the sides for it was more than just old it was ancient beyond reckoning. We crossed a large and long draw bridge; the walls were so high that they were lost in a mist and yet you could hear song drifting down from on high. The language of this whole realm was Song. So rich and full and deep is this song that anything we might think to be great would be more like Orc speech. We entered into a great hall and on the far end a door opened and a light entered in. I say a light for it was of such intensity I could not look upon it. The light had the air of authority and I was down on my knees and then flat on my belly trying to shield my eyes from the intensity of the light with folds of the robe sleeves.Finally the light subsided a soft and gentle song graced my ears and a firm hand lifted me up but I could still not see his face. Not that I didn’t try mind you but my eyes just could not do it.

    Then he said it is not your time yet, go to sleep and I fell asleep and when I awoke I was in my bed with Twrch my big black cat stroking my beard with his claws as he often does.

  6. Thy Will be Done…

    Do not be afraid     Remember in the Beatitudes when Jesus says to pray for those who speak all manner of evil to and about  you for my names sake? I am here to tell you that this works. When I left Yvan today I was on the 3rd floor of  the parking structure. Three young ladies of color and two young men of color came up and surrounded me near the truck.One of the girls, about 15, asked if that was my truck and I said it was. “So are you a  M*****F***** Christian?” I said “I am and worse than that, I am a Pastor.” Then one of the young men stepped up  and produced a large knife; one of those Klingon style Bowie knives.

          “Here is what’s going to happen, he says. You are gonna give us the wallet and the keys and just maybe we  will let you live.”

    Now if it had just been the two I would have probably exercised my military training and at the very least  killed  the guy and seriously put the fear of God in the girl……however there were five and after the first had produced his weapon two others produced switch blades. So I needed a new plan and this voice said two things to me…..”Jeff. Pray.”So I put my hands together and in a firm and steady voice prayed, “My Father, who is in Heaven holy is your name, your Kingdom come your will be done in me as it is in heaven”………..then there was another voice and it was amplified and it said a word “FREEZE!!!” Then there were commands and then there was an abundance of hospital security and Portland P.D.

    Then this Catholic Priest came up and asked if I was unharmed and I said I was fine. He said “I heard your prayer and thought you might need help so I called security”. I smiled and said “But I had not got to the cry for help part”, He smiled back and said “In my 14 years in the priesthood I have never heard someone invite the invocation of having the Lord’s Will done in their life as it is in heaven, so I thought your need was great.” “And you were right.”
    So if you ever find yourself in a bind, even when the enemy’s armed and outnumbers you 5 to 1, the Kingdom’s ears are always working..


  7. Being Homeless

    What does it mean to be homeless, on a day to day basis?






  8. Being a Real Church

    IMG_20140325_131936It is so wonderful how many churches provide a Thanksgiving meal somewhere, and will go to a central location to help the poor. Did you know, though, that in the early church, if a congregation didn’t have an active ministry to the poor in their community, they couldn’t be called a “church”. They could be a meeting, or a prayer group, but they couldn’t be a church unless they had a regular work in their church for the poor.

    Is your church involved with the poor? Perhaps you are wondering what ways a church can get involved? It really is about looking at your church’s resources and making them available.

    Here are some ways that I’ve helped our church and other churches– whether alone or in network– reach out to the needy in our communities:
    -Offer showers to the homeless
    -Community meals inside a church
    -Cook a meal to deliver to a soup kitchen
    -Cook and serve a meal at a soup kitchen or senior center
    -Free clothing closet
    -Art studio for the poor
    -Transportation for the homeless to services
    -Making canned food and produce available for families
    -Opening our kitchen for the homeless to cook the food they get from food stamps
    -Providing day shelters so the homeless can get out of the weather and the community eye for a few hours a week.
    -Offering space in our church facilities for community gardens
    -Having a warehouse for items to be given to the poor and homeless
    -Overnight shelters on the coldest nights of the year
    -Provide haircuts at a soup kitchen
    -Provide bike repair at a soup kitchen
    -Allow some people who sleep in vehicles to stay in the church parking lot for a period of time.
    -Arranging an agreement for one or two responsible homeless folks to stay on church property.
    -Gather blankets, socks, sleeping bags, breakfast bars, fruit, individual containers of food, hygiene items, hand warmers and hand them out to the homeless
    -Have a trained volunteer church worker who will recommend services to those who call in need.

    I haven’t done this myself, but I know churches that do:
    -Provide bus tickets for the poor
    -Offer motel vouchers for the homeless
    -Organize lunch and hygiene items and socks in sacks to hand out to the homeless at their camps
    -Provide rent or utility assistance to prevent people from becoming homeless
    -Provide a social worker to obtain birth certificates and ID for those who have lost theirs

    Each of these things requires a bit of organization, but they are basic and often provide a huge need for the community. In Gresham, almost all services are provided by churches, doing just what was described above.

  9. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    Wooo! That wind is sure chilly. Winter comes early this year! I’m glad we don’t live in the Midwest or New England where it’s really bad.

    And I’m glad so few of us are homeless and have to live in this weather without any shelter. Can you imagine that? Think of how bad it would be having to spend all night in this wind, trying to get to sleep! And you can’t just go in the next room and pull out the spare blanket.

    If you have a spare blanket that you aren’t using, or an extra sleeping bag, could you let us have it? We are getting asked for many blankets a day now. It is so cold, and folks outside could sure use them. Please drop them off at 19626 NE Glisan or 3733 N Williams, Portland.


  10. Our Spiritual Responsibility To Ourselves

    BBQ Jimmy“Yes, we have a responsibility to ask the questions of why people are poor, to lobby for better treatment of the poor, to support agencies that who have expertise with the poor, but we also should also be inspired to give directly to the poor. Not because it is the most effective, but because the direct encounter with those who are suffering, and the courage to give without controlling how it is received is important for our own spiritual well being.”

    “Should We Give a Homeless Man Shoes?”



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