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  1. Opportunities to Volunteer

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    Meet Dave: Currently homeless – Volunteers his time in the kitchen On this day, Dave prepared and cooked chicken for anyone who came that was hungry and for the other community members who were working. Whenever Dave is at Anawim, he cooks a full meal from the food that’s been...
  2. Riff Raff in the Church

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    Okay, so we know that Jesus hung out with tax collectors, but do we have to go so far as to say he hung out with drugies and child pornographers? Oh, yes, these are exactly the kind of folks Jesus hung out with. He welcomed those whom the Standard Religious...
  3. It Has Begun

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    Pat has been homeless, living in her car since her husband ditched her to be on the street on her own.  She is sometimes scared, being a woman in her late 40s, but she is gentle and amazingly strong, given her circumstance.  We have allowed her to sleep on the...
  4. Peace for the Poorest NOW!

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    Portland and Gresham has been pushing the homeless around for 60 days.  Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken to dozens of homeless people who have had their possessions taken by city workers and the police have come and given them hours or minutes or days to move.  Where are...