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  1. Grace

    ContrastGod the Father looked down on earth and did not see a world full of sinners ready to judge.  Rather, He saw a world full of potential lovers.  So He gave his Son to die for us all, even when we were in open hatred against God’s love, in order to give us a chance. God, to this day, does not give up on us, but gives us the Holy Spirit to prompt us to follow Jesus’ path of love.

    God’s grace really is amazing.

    He forgives us when we least deserve it.

    He gives rain and food to all creatures, even the ungrateful and downright evil.

    He gives us air to breathe, and berries to eat, and sun for growth and clouds for shade.  All without cost.

    He gives us strength to live, and struggle for justice and compassion so we can help those in need.

    God gives us loving family and friends, so we can be supported.

    And when we have nothing else, God gives us strangers to help us when we are at our lowest.

    God is great and His grace knows no end.

    How I wish we could say the same about those who call themselves by God’s name.  Instead of being a people of grace, we work to create a society of hatred, assumptions, cynicism and anger.  Grace leads to a society of love, distrust leads to a society of fear and poverty and violence.

    I have seen pastors call the police to have the homeless arrested when they are simply seeking a helping hand.

    I have seen Christians verbally abuse a mentally ill person, instead of trying to help him.

    I have seen preachers express their anger at homosexuals and Muslims, stirring their congregation to hatred and words of violence.

    I have heard born again middle class people consider the poor in need of salvation, simply because they were poor.

    Instead of telling each other stories of grace and hope for redemption, we all too often speak negatively of those in need of help.

    We will judge those whose only crime is being generous, because they make us uncomfortable.

    We will separate instead of love.

    We will condemn instead of forgive.

    We will coldly regard those who disagree with us instead of oozing with mercy and grace, as Jesus did.

    God, may we not be the dam of your grace, but channels of forgiveness and compassion and love.


  2. Counting Crows


    A murder coming…

    This morning when I stepped outside the Motor Home, the air was brisk with a slight breeze. The birds were singing and I saw a small flock of them head for the feeder that I had refilled the night before. One of the recent additions has been a bird bath and so I crept to the end of the barn to take a peek. There were several sparrows and finches feeding from the feeder and several more splashing in the bath. But the real treat was the sparrow who was building a nest in the bird house.

    Suddenly there was a flight of crows swarming the park. Must have been 20 or 30 of them cawing and circling and then they all came in for a landing on the basketball court. They were surrounding a long narrow object some 16 inches in height.

    It was in fact a homeless guy who sleeps on the court. You see, the court is coated in a black emulsion and so it absorbs a lot of heat during the day and then radiates it back into the air and in this case this guy’s sleeping mat and bag.

    Well the Crows made the determination that this was *road kill* and a huge feast!  At first their were but 30 but soon more were arriving and more.

    Finally the leader of this flock hops up onto the center of the mound and lets loose with a big PECK.

    No response.

    Maybe it was the thickness of the bag I do not know but the Leader of this Squadron, for what ever reason, walked up towards the head and to what I thought would be the shoulder and rears back and unleashes a mighty peck.

    Pay dirt!

    There came a loud howl of pain and a flailing arm and the flock now some 40 in strength takes wing.

    So it will be interesting to see, if the recipient of the ‘ Looks Like Road Kill To Me’ award, chooses to tempt fate again. Could be worse, next time a giant condor could be the next caller……..

  3. Garden Beauty

    We don’t only create art through paper, pencil and paint.  We also use dirt, seed and water.

    bee lettuce Potatoes sunflower Jordan in the garden ladybug early harvest2

  4. Help Us Get a New Engine!

    1996-2000_Dodge_Caravan_4-DoorJust in brief:

    At the end of 2014, our homeless ministry’s van got totaled.  We received enough money to buy a (very) used replacement.  Unfortunately, this week, the replacement wore out and we need a new engine in it.  Unfortunately, we use all of our funds to feed more than four hundred people a week and to give a hundred people showers, and to provide a home for those who have no home.  So we don’t have a few thousand dollars to replace our engine.

    If you’d like to help us get us back on the road, ready to pick up and distribute food and clothes and people, please, if you can, donate toward our replacement engine!

  5. Jesus’ Peace

    Hole In MeJesus was a man of peace. He did not come to a world absent of war. Rather, he came to create a community that slowly created a world where war is unnecessary, where everyone’s needs are met and the greedy are punished.

    Jesus offered his true followers– those obedient to his love and mercy– peace (John 14:27). He commanded his people to always seek peace (Mark 9:50; Romans 12:18). He said his true followers would step into the world and make peace out of conflict (Matthew 5:9). He said that not a single human being should be excluded from the love and gentleness of his people (Luke 6:27-36)

    So why did Jesus say, “I did not come to give peace but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)? Because he knew the established order is opposed to peace. The established order must always have people they exclude, must always have fear, must always have conflict or else their whole system will collapse. (Matthew 23:23-27)  Jesus’ way of peace is in a spiritual war against this philosophy. And Jesus will not cringe from battling in that war.

    But Jesus has transferred the battlefield to the spirit realm (Mark 3:22-27). So Jesus will never attack human beings, but the ideas and spirits that cause human beings to do evil. Jesus and his community stands in the way of violence, especially against the oppressed and outcast, allowing themselves to take the sword that was meant for the rejected ones.

  6. No More Plastic Jesus, beginning this Saturday

    Trinity painting 2 Do you honor Jesus, but are tired of churches ignoring the injustice and violence of our society?

    Do you want to be encouraged to love God and love your neighbor?

    Do you believe that Jesus wants his people to create a community of radical love and peace here in Portland and Gresham?

    Do you want to worship with the homeless and those who love the oppressed?

    Anawim will be hosting a biblical, service-oriented, musical, art-filled, radical weekly worship service every Saturday at 3pm.

    Anyone from any belief is welcome.  Even if you go to another church.  Or if you don’t go to any church.  Smoke breaks and talking back permitted.

    We will worship at Sanctuary, 19626 NE Glisan, Gresham.  Saturdays, 3pm.  The homeless invite you to a meal to follow.

  7. Art


    By Yvan Strong


    A Tree is Known by Jeff

    By Jeff Strong



    IMG_0485By Jack Dekker


  8. Life Isn’t Free in Portland

    Homelessness in PortlandLife is free. Our mothers and fathers gave it to us, freely offering their joy and pain.

    Air is free. We breathe in and out our basic life sustaining force without a bill.

    Love is free. If someone’s care and devotion is a tit-for-tat we might call it “desire” or “lust” but not love.

    Water and sunlight are free. God freely pours down from the sky to all what we need to survive.

    So, City of Portland, why do you say that unless we pay for sleep, we might be ticketed or even arrested? Why harass and criminalize the homeless because they are trying to sleep? Sleep is a natural process, one that all of us do without exception, so why punish us for it?

    Without a night of sleep, our mind is slow, as if we were drunk.
    Longer lack of sleep causes extreme sensitivity to stress and pain.
    Lack of sleep causes mental instability.
    A longer time without sleep leads to hallucinations.
    To still be without sleep risks death.

    IMG_20140326_172531Well, perhaps sleep is a bad thing, but only in public, like sex or urination.
    Because we know how disgusting it is to watch a baby sleep.
    Or a child. I’m sure everyone is offended by watching a student fall asleep at a computer at a library. I don’t think anyone complains about a businessman, exhausted, fall asleep at a bus stop.

    No, what sweeps really are is a punishment of the poorest people in our city. It communicates how the city despises them, and are willing to treat people unjustly for doing what we all must do: sleep. They are being punished because they do not have a paid-for place to sleep in, as if they are destroying the rest of our livelihood, just by sleeping in public.

    Charlie Hales, Police Chief O’Dea, City Council: This is your legacy to the future: injustice, preventing people from having that which they need to sustain their lives. Your prejudice against the poor will be the most important aspect of your policies, that which will be remembered for all time.

    If you would like to call Mayor Charlie Hales to protest the ticketing and harassment of the homeless who are just trying to find a place to sleep, then call his voicemail line: 503-823-4120. If you’d like to send a message to the city council, send an email to Nick Fish:

  9. The Call

    All of time and spaceJesus wants you.

    He doesn’t want to simply own you, to retain you as a possession he would keep on a shelf. He wants to transform you to be a vessel for his love, love that you will pour out on others in need.

    Will you listen to his call? He is not calling you to misery, but a life of joy-filled compassion and heroic sacrifice. He is asking you to step up and change the world, one powerful act of love at a time.

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