Brother, can you spare a dime?

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About panhandlers and sign fliers:
How do most of you pay for goods and services? I would wager it is with a debit card. I have friendsHomeless woman who own stores and one owns a saloon and 95% of all their transactions are in plastic.
Hardly anyone carries cash……and so the reason panhandlers and sign fliers are NOT getting loads of cash is because most of you deal exclusively in plastic. There are a few of us who deal in cash, like me, and yes if somebody asks me for some money and I have it they will get it.
90% of the sign fliers and panhandlers are getting dimes, nickels, quarters, and sometimes a buck or two. Now there are a few sweet spots in the metro area where some of the sign fliers get some nice contributions to the cause. But if you look just a little below the surface, it is because they have become an icon to the spot and they have a certain following who support their living situation, meaning they have established relationships. As for the rest of what is proclaimed in the media and in the propaganda blogs they are just blowin’ smoke out their ass to get people to read their drivel.

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