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celtic crossI have over the years identified myself as Celtic and I wear a Celtic cross. It is the cross with the circle that surrounds the intersection of the cross. Many folk come up and hold it and look at the intricate knot emblazon upon it’s surface and some are curious as to what the circle stands for. Is it a halo glorifying Christ? some ask.

So if ye be wondering about the circle, here is the way of it:

It is a reminder.

There was once a day when Jesus was sitting and a group of mothers came with their children to see Jesus and the disciples being full of themselves block the way and began telling the mothers not to be bothering the Teacher with a bunch of …….kids. But Jesus, being Jesus and you know hep to his surroundings, rebuked the disciples and said let the children come to me.

Then he blessed the kids and their mothers and then He told his disciples that any one who would stop one of these little ones from coming to him, that it would be better for that person to tie a mill stone around their neck and jump into the deepest part of the sea.

So the circle that surrounds the intersection of the cross is a reminder to us about not being and obstruction but rather a funnel and some times a sieve.

Why a sieve? Well that will be answered on another time.

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