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Smoke-Cloud-SDL-585x390There are subjects that most people are afraid to spend time thinking about.

Like being mortal.

There is a scene in the 13th Warrior where they are preparing to sleep knowing that they are going to meet a arch foe later in the night.the Arab ask the Norseman, “How can you sleep at a time like this?” The Norseman replies, “God set the length of your life at the time you were born. Go hide in a hole if you like, but you won’t live a moment longer. Fear profits a man nothing.”

My dad died when he was 78 and his died in his 40s… and the Strong men do not have long life spans as a rule, it seems. I am 66 and a 1/2. So to say that I am going to live as long as my dad, would give me about 11 1/2 years.The Bible says that the average age is 3 score and 10 (that is 70 years for you non-biblical mathematicians). And then it says and if by some strength a little more. So I being the generous person I am I give myself maybe 20 years.

Charles Dickens’ character, the Spirit of Christmas Present, said to Scrooge, “Our time is limited so we try to do as much good as we can in the time that is allotted to us because one day we won’t be here any more.”

Now dwelling on such dreary subjects makes people think you are a fatalist or suicidal. I am neither, but it helps me keep a proper perspective on just how temporary life in the mortal realm is. Plus how close I am to graduating into the real realm of immortalness.

I would encourage all of you to set aside some time and meditate on the subject and walk down the paths that make you uncomfortable and discover why.

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