True Wealth over Coffee

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Yesterday I was having a conversation with a brother and some how the conversation ended up on wealth and leaving and inheritance to my children. He quoted some passage and asked how I justified my self for I have no wealth that if I died today I couldn’t even afford a decent funeral. I said nothing, I just sat their staring down into my now cold coffee.

When he had finished with his…..exhortation I looked up and said, “Well, ya know, Jesus said we weren’t suppose to store up our treasures where rust and mold could get at it or where others could steal it. And nowadays we find that the banks are filled with thieves and our government is constantly trying to stick their hands into our pockets, even us who don’t have pockets.

“But seriously, my son enjoys the inheritance of my provision right now for he has embraced Christ and has passed the inheritance on to his son, my grandson, already; where as your kids have to wait for you to kick the bucket. I will say that mine are the richer and it appears my friend that I am richer than you.”

At this he shook his head and tossed me the bill and walked out and as I walked to the register Karen the waitress smiled and said, “This one is on me.”


From November, 2011

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