The Fortunate Few

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How fortunate are the anguished due to poverty because they will rule God’s kingdom!

How fortunate are the sorrowful, because God will cheer them up.

How fortunate are the lowly, because God will give them the earth.

How fortunate are those who desperately desire justice, because they will get just what they want.

How fortunate are those who act in compassion, for God will be compassionate to them.

How fortunate are those single-minded on God, for they will see Him.

How fortunate are the creators of peaceful communities, for God will make them rulers.

How fortunate are the sufferers for righteousness, because they will rule God’s kingdom!

How fortunate you are when your enemies verbally abuse you and do and speak evil against you because you follow me. When that happens, you are like the prophets of the past who suffered for their message they received from God. Even as they are now rewarded by God, so will you be. So when you are persecuted for me, be happy about what you will receive—jump up and down in joy and praise God!

You are essential for the world. But if you lose the basic qualities that make you important, you cannot regain them. You will be useless, cast out of God’s kingdom and trampled.

You are God’s glory and truth in the world. You are the kingdom of God to come, and you cannot be hidden. Nor should you be hidden—God’s glory should be displayed, not hidden. So display the true righteousness of God before everyone, so that people will see your acts of God and so glorify the Father.

Matthew 5:3-15

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