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After prayer and consideration, it is determined that Anawim will no longer be hosting a meal/meeting in the St. John’s area. This is not because we love our people in St. Johns– we certainly do! But we do not have the volunteers to keep it running. We fully support Nick and Rebecca Floyd and Nightwatch as they continue their work in providing meals and spiritual support for the homeless. We are also open to providing any assistance for other congregations who would like to open up a meal or day shelter for those in need in North Portland.

God bless all of you in St. Johns!
Sanctuary in Gresham is offering an open house to all in Gresham who are interested in finding out more about our work among the homeless.

We will provide a BBQ and a tour of the facility at 1pm on Friday May 30. Anyone who is interested, please attend!

19626 NE Glisan, Gresham.

Our official re-opening date will be Wednesday, June 3. We will be open from 1pm to 8pm and have a BBQ at 5. There will be showers, free clothes, hamburgers, socks and more!
19626 NE Glisan Gresham

  1. May 15, 2015

    Sue Palmer

    Wahoo! Glad to hear that Anawim in Gresham is reopening! I have tweeted your three important announcements, and can’t wait to visit you guys on June 27! Bringing my guitar!

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