Still Waiting for a Miracle

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Father Forgive Them by AstridThis afternoon we were at a rest stop. There was a mother and two well behaved children flying a large sign asking for a “Miracle”.

A woman driving a brand new $54,000 Truck walks up and drops a few coins into a container and walks over to her truck which is decorated with the cross and shadows kneeling before it, gets in drives away.

She is followed by a man wearing a large silver cross and he drops a few coins into the woman’s can and walked over to a 2016 Mercedes Roadster, with a big Christian Gold Fish that had the word “Pastor” in the middle, gets in drives off.

Several others come read the sign and walk away.

I was so ashamed and I got out reached for the billed fold pulled out some bills and put her in her hand……….

And we wonder why the nation is under judgment.

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