What Does It Mean to Be Homeless?

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No Place To Rest His Head

 While the experience of each homeless individual varies, here are some examples of what homelessness means to many of them:

Homelessness means:
~Walking miles to every meal.
~Having little or no privacy.
~Regularly being asked by the police for your identification and being questioned about your activities, at least once a week.
~Needing to hide your living space.
~Moving every couple of months so you don’t get harassed by the police or others who invade your camp.
~Hanging out with people who don’t care about you, and who do dangerous things or just act crazy.
~Dealing daily with people who are addicted and/or mentally ill.
~Being separated from your children.
~Receiving rejection and hostility from most people.
~Trying to get off the street, but you haven’t been able to.
~Having your possessions stolen or ruined on a regular basis.
~Constantly wanting money for your needs, but when you get money, you use it poorly.
~Spending more time giving up than hoping.

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